Fake r@pe allegations! Willy Paul needs to go for the jugular!

Willy Paul seem to be a lightning rod for a lot of allegations and accusations regarding sexual impropriety and misconduct. He slept with his frienemy’s wife Diana Marua Bahati and then she came out to accuse him of having violated her. Eyewitnesses came out to say this was not the case and she was an eager participant having jumped on Willy Paul’s willy with the energy and verve of a gymnast.

Andrew Kibe Is Right About Willy Paul Being A Philanderer

Then there was the accusation that was made by his former protege and signee, Miss P, who claimed he had taken advantage of her and this allegation continue to haunt him and his career. He shocked the nation she came out to apologize to him for the false allegation.

Miss P accuses Willy Paul of forcing himself on her

But whether or not he came out to apologize Willy Paul really needs to take legal action against her and all of the feminist detractors and drag his name through the mud.

Why are we dogging on Willy Paul for hitting on women?

At this point it’s not just about him as the man, it is about a bigger conversation in which Kenyan feminist have been running amok accusing different influential men of improprieties and never being held to task to prove the gossip and rumours and allegations that they make.

Willy Paul looking dapper

Willy Paul need to make an example of Miss P or at the very least go after the feminist journalists who were quick to tarnish his name dragging it mad and making it seem like he was some sort of unhinged sexual deviant.

Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

You need to stop looking at it as a situation regarding him and only him and begin to look at it as a situation that could shape legal discourse in Kenya and give him a Legacy of having protected men.


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