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Fans React To Jalango’s Replacement At Kiss 100 (Video)

January 25, 2022 at 12:02
Fans React To Jalango's Replacement At Kiss 100 (Video)

Comedian and radio personality Jalang’o is set to quit radio to undertake the political route this year. The Langata MP hopeful last week reiterated his move from the media arena, stating that he is looking forward to finding the ‘next Jalang’o’ on radio in order for him to transition peacefully.

”Jalang’o drops the mic.

”Stage…radio… Tv… coming to an end.

We are about to hang up the boots… Take new challenge…

But we can’t just drop the mic down… I need to pass it to the next Jalang’o.”

Jalang’os Replacement

The Kiss FM presenter has had a very successful radio career; and he compelled several listeners to the station. His intentions of leaving radio has left many of his fans in disbelief and some like Magix Enga are going a notch higher to persuade him to stay. The music producer was willing to offer Ksh 2 million a month to Jalang’o to rope him in to stay on radio.

Dr Ofweneke to replace Jalang’o at Kiss FM?

But fans have woken up to some good news today. In a video shared on Kiss Fm YouTube, comedian and radio presenter Dr. Ofweneke is seen practicing how to make an introduction at the station. Ofweneke also shared that he will be co-hosting the show in tandem with Kamene.

“🦅🦅🦅THE EAGLE🦅🦅🦅 || Tommorrow, Wed, Thursday & Friday I will be co-hosting breakfast alongside my fam @kamenegoro & @jalangoo only on @kiss100kenya || Halla then 🤗🤗🤗🤗, shared Dr.Ofweneke.

This is what has given us reason to believe that Ofweneke is the next Jalang’o. Fans have since reacted differently, with some congratulating Ofweneke while others believe he’s not good enough. Below are some of the positive reactions;



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