Fantana Denies Knowing Diamond’s Relationship With Zuchu

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz and Ghanaian singer Fantana have been caught kissing on the reality TV show, Young, Famous and African. The steamy scene has caused a stir online, with many people wondering what it means for Diamond’s relationship with his girlfriend, Zuchu.

In the scene, Diamond and Fantana are seen sitting in his living room. They start talking and flirting, and eventually they kiss. The kiss is passionate and intense, and it leaves both of them breathless.

After the kiss, Diamond and Fantana go to his bedroom. It is unclear what happens next, but it is clear that there is something going on between the two singers.

Zuchu has since reacted to the scene, saying that she is “disappointed” in Diamond. She told Diamond’s brother, Romy Jones, to tell him that she said “f**k you.”

Zuchu is not the only one who is upset about the kiss. Zari Hassan, Diamond’s ex-wife and the mother of two of his children, has also spoken out. She accused Fantana of being “obsessed” with Diamond and said that she is “not welcome in her life.”

Fantana has denied knowing Zari, who has termed herself a billionaire. In a recent interview, she said;

“I don’t know who that is. I don’t remember. Diamond has a lot of baby mamas, which one are you talking about? I do know there are billionaires in Africa and there’s a list, I know Dangote is a billionaire.”

It is unclear what will happen next between Diamond, Fantana, and Zuchu. However, one thing is for sure: the kiss has certainly caused a stir.

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