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“Fanya kazi wacha crap!” DJ Mo unable to contain his anger, publicly blasts Bahati’s best friend

August 18, 2020 at 14:29
“Fanya kazi wacha crap!” DJ Mo unable to contain his anger, publicly blasts Bahati’s best friend

Dj Mo is tired of the circus Bahati and his friend have been parading on social media. For some reason the former gospel singer and his entire entourage feel untouchable on social media; until DJ Mo decided to put an end to it.

It all started after Weezdom left a comment on Bahati’s latest post; and judging from what he wrote, clearly this was aimed at throwing shade at those in the gospel industry.

According to Weezdom, those claiming to be ‘near God or for God’ are the same people refusing to support one of their own, Bahati. This is after seeing Tanzanian brother, Rayvanny, support Bahati’s new project despite the distance.

BFFs; Bahati and Weezdom

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However, Weezdom’s choice of words is what pushed baba Wambo to tell him off on IG. He wrote;


Beef catalyst

Seems that the comment above rubbed DJ Mo the wrong way – as if he knew it was directed towards him. Responding to the above comment, DJ Mo wrote:

BROTHER STOP THIS KUPIGANISHA WATU…. It’s time we matured up….fanya kazi wacha this crap… kindly

Weezdom and DJ Mo drama

Yes, DJ Mo had every right to call out Weezdom but looking at the comments left by fans; it appears that most support what Weezdom wrote.

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Well looking at some of the complaints made by new artists in the gospel industry; you will realize that those who have since made it either had ‘connections or paid’ for some airplay.

The last time, MoSound Events was dragged in a similar scandal…so does it mean that Weezdom knew what he was doing? Did the shoe fit?


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