Fateful moment Terryanne Chebet embarrassingly got stripped off her title at a public event

Seasoned Kenyan media personality, Terryanne Chebet once faced her big axe at Royal Media Services, that caused her sleepless nights but one that well-equipped her with life lessons that she can proudly speak of today.

Recalling that fateful day, the TV beauty revealed it was about 2pm on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, when her boss called her into the office and informed her of the restructuring exercise.

Remember, at the time, she was busy preparing for her Citizen TV evening show, The Business Centre. But viewers had just been robbed of the chance to ever see Terryanne on their screens during the Business segment.

In a matter of minutes I had lost a very well paying and prestigious job as a TV host in the country’s leading media house. As a sole breadwinner, I was completely anxious about the future. I was scared!

Renowned Business journalist, Terryanne Chebet

The mother of two could not sleep knowing she had a bank loan, school fees, rent and other home essentials to take care of. But here she was, no longer on a payroll.

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The torment

However, nothing was more haunting for her than the fact that to every event she went, she needed to introduce herself and ofcos, that tags along where you work. But what was she going to say this time around?

I remember being at a cocktail even one evening and I didn’t know how to introduce myself. I always introduced myself as a News anchor and now the introduction itself was always followed by questions about what happened.

Mother of two, Terryanne Chebet

But this had become part of who she is, this was her story and the only way through, was to tell her story. However, painful, however heartbreaking, it had to be told and she braved up and faced her fears.

No matter how uncomfortable, tell it until you feel better about sharing the story.

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