Why your favourite artist was desperate to visit Jaguar

Image: Video of ailing Starehe MP Jaguar in hospital raises concern

Jaguar was recently at the hospital after suffering an injury to his leg that necessitated surgery and when it was all said and done, it was a pretty standard and routine one that had minimal risks but from the way your favourite celebrities reacted, you would have been forgiven for thinking it was open-heart surgery.

Jaguar Shows Steady Recovery Progress After Spending Days In Hospital (Photo)

Everyone from DK Kwenye Beat to Bahati and DJ Mo to some of the P-Unit members. It was rather comical seeing how unbothered the Starehe MP seemed in the photos of alot of these visits and then contrast that to how alert and attentive he was when it was Deputy President Ruto who was visiting.

The Starehe MP post-surgery

And aside from the 7 chuckles I managed to get in about the entire situation, I found myself wondering why everyone was trooping over to meet Jaguar. Actually, that topic came up while I was kicking it with my friends.

Mwanaume kamili: Jaguar’s polygamous lifestyle just makes sense

I believe the reason for that is that these artists are seeing an opportunity to worm their way into his inner circle because elections are right around the corner and they would like a cut of his purse as he goes around campaigning.

Jaguar, Masterpiece
Bwana Njagi seems disinterested

You see, in political circles, most of the older politicians think of Jaguar as a link to the youth. He is an artist, and was somewhat popular during his career so perhaps he is the key to connecting with young voters.

Babu Owino is on the spot but let’s not forget MP Jaguar’s fatal car accident

What that further means for your favourite celebs is that they can gain access to the older politicians and perhaps get incorporated into their campaigns either as strategists or entertainers. And at the end of the day, with the way William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta have destroyed the economy, there aren’t that many avenues of income for them so they might aswell jump onto these ones.

Jaguar, Otile Brown

And Jaguar is not a fool either. He knows this. That is why a lot of photos of the celebrities visiting him feature him looking rather distant and distracted. He is self aware enough to know most of them merely want to be around him because of the power he wields as a sitting MP.

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