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Feeling Betrayed? Here is why Juliani is mad at rumor painting him broke & an unfit dad

September 21, 2022 at 11:25
Feeling Betrayed? Here is why Juliani is mad at rumor painting him broke & an unfit dad

So turns out everyone thinks Lilian Nganga and Juliani are mad because of a meme. I bet by now you’ve seen on social media where they’re comparing Nganga’s ex husband Alfred Mutua – a wealthy politician; and Juliani who is the new husband to Nganga and renowned award winning artist.

Well its not that. Its something to do with their closet friend Boniface Mwangi who allegedly recently appeared in court to testify in the favor of Lilian Nganga; and from what was reported is that Boniface Mwangi allegedly told the judge Alfred Mutua should be the one supporting Lilian Nganga’s son since he left her bankrupt and Juliani being an artist doesn’t much to take care of his family.

See why they’re now angry?

Anyway this was published by a local news outlet that wrote (and I quote;)

 Boniface Mwangi has allegedly testified in court today in a suit filed by Lilian Ng’anga over properties she jointly owns with Alfred Mutua. Boniface Mwangi says Mutua has bankrupted Lilian and is, therefore, appealing to the court to compel him (Mutua) to offer financial support to the child she (Ng’anga) bore with Juliani.

Give Boniface Mwangi a brea

Give Boniface Mwangi a break

Juliani responds

And later on this morning Juliani sarcastically hit back by asking for donations from fans since its already been said he cannot support his family.


From what he wrote its evident that his ego got bruised by the rumors but problem is…could he be mad that he allegedly got betrayed by someone close to him or is there more to this whole drama.

Remember this popular meme did not create itself….so whats really happening?


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