Felicity Shiru Apologizes To Thee Pluto, Says There’s No Bad Blood Between Them

Thee Pluto’s (Robert Ndegwa) break-up with his gorgeous ex-girlfriend Felicity Shiru came as a surprise to their fans; who were optimistic that they would last together a little longer. The fact that they had already started creating content together on YouTube gave even more reason for their relationship to thrive a little longer.

From Pluto’s side, the break-up was inevitable as he found out that Felicity was in the relationship just for clout; as she didn’t reciprocate the same love.  Pluto was in crocodile tears when he shared the harsh details of how he found this out through Fel’s chat with her friend. This expedited his move for changing his YouTube content to testing loyalty among couples by exchanging their phones and reading each other’s chats. The content has seen many couples separate over the same.

Thee Pluto and Felicity-Google

Amicable Break-Up?

On the flipside, Felicity refuted the claims of clout chasing using Pluto’s name. While apologizing to Pluto on her Instagram stories, the exquisite ex-girlfriend made the statement known to the public, adding that she was taking her time to build her love for Pluto.

”Hello people. I’m making this post to personally apologize to Pluto for any hurtful thing I did while in the relationship. We all love differently and it takes time for others to love but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love you.

And just to make things clear, I was never in this for the clout… All in all I’m grateful for the time we shared. No bad blood…”

Felicity had deleted Pluto’s photos from her Instagram to purport that they are no longer an item. Pluto’s Instagram is still intact with their lovely photos.

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