Female celebrities who’ve been publicly embarrassed by their spouses

2022 has been one interesting year with several scandals from our favorite celebrities who saw broke up and make up…while others lost their wives and second wives – hence leaving many families broken.

Well, for it to get to that point it means someone was either getting cheated on or was cheating and some how the stories also made it online. The most recent one has to be the Muchoki’s so how about we start from there

Edday Nderitu

Samidoh with wife, Edday Nderitu

Although her husband Samidoh denied having Karen Nyamu as a second wife and even publicly announced to have just one wife; Sammidoh Muchoki still went ahead and had a second baby with his now ex mistress Karen Nyamu and just like that….Edday was once again humiliated thanks to her husband’s actions…..not forgetting the recent Dubai stunt that has left Ms Nyamu jobless.

Karen Nyamu

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

By now I am sure everyone knows her as the side chick that flew to Dubai to fight her boyfriend’s wife….but again, I want to believe that there is more to her and Samidoh that we don’t know. So before I start pointing fingers and saying ati oh ati eh….lets just admit that her relationship with Samidoh has embrassed her enough, so we can give her a break for now.


Jimal and wife, Amira

Call her rich aunty who for some reason has been living life to the fullest following her ex husband Jimal Rohosafi’s affair with Amber Ray. Well when I look back, all I have to say that Amira saw it all and so did we thanks to Jimal who couldn’t keep their relationship private. But then again, word has it that Jimal lost both women – but either way this doesn’t justify his actions as a grown man.

Amber Ray


Weh Amber pia amepitia with Jimal and the Kabba guy she dated immediately after her relationship and Jimal took a nasty twist that led to a breakup. However just like Rich Aunty Amira – she too bagged a wealthy man that engaged her as quick as he could.

Again – breakups happen but what counts is the next step. I am not saying you rush or get rebounds…all I am saying is good things take time and if you value yourself, you will attract what is meant for you.

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