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Female Dominion: Dejaying in Kenya slowly becoming a woman’s thing too

September 16, 2019 at 17:56


For a long time dejaying was considered a joke in the Kenyan societal environment. To the extent that memes were created with intent to kill the dejaying art.

However in recent years Dejaying has turned out to be filling career for many.

Basically this art goes beyond  the little mixing we think happens in gigs and clubs.

In Kenya we have successfull dejays that can proudly stand before legends when it comes to  music mixing and creation. With the  likes of DJ Kalonje who has clearly stood out in the Kenyan Music Industry for the longest time.

Other dejays that have made a name for themselves include gospel DJ Mo, DJ GG, DJ demakufu, Jones ,2one2,Dj Tabz, Dj shanize,sammy flinch,Dj,Pierra Makena  among others.

With gigs allover this art has become one to run to for many people especially with the unemployment rates in the country .

And as at now it is no longer just a man’s affair. Many young ladies are now taking up the challenge of becoming dejays. Stereotype or not they have taken it up.

Female Deejays

The Kenyan music scene has clearly embraced these female Dejays such that with recent rating the top influential Secular dejays in Kenya now is a lady.

This is non other than super Dj Pierra Makena with 372k following. Checking through her Instagram posts, the mother of one  aprreciated her fans for the love.

“Thank you Fam!!!!We did it!!!!I appreaciate you so much……” read her post

This being a clear indication that she has set the pace for her fellow female dejays and the upcoming ones.

Resilience and hardwork being the design of the  work considering the time it has taken for one Makena to get to the top.

As the industry grows I believe that women might just be the definition of music dejaying just like any other career.

I mean female dominion in the industry won’t be so bad after all.



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