Femi One gives us something for the with the ‘Lockdown’ freestyle (Video)

Femi One has decided to ride the wave of her recent release featuring Mejja, Utawezana which has become a smash hit and she has quickly released Lockdown Freestyle.

Femi One and Mejja
‘Utawezana’ artistes, Femi One and Mejja

Femi One is great but we don’t say it enough

This new jam is her offering for you and yours as you chill at home during this period of self-quarantine in order for us to stem the Covid19 infection spread. Kenyan artists have been very active during this period, releasing songs and freestyle left, right and centre and this, in turn, has led to quite a lot of social media challenges that have also served to keep us entertained.

Femi One
Femi One

Femi One is back on her rap tip with an authentic submission in which the instrumentals are stripped down to a very minimalist sound. It starts off with the keyboard (piano) then the drum line drops. She raps about everything that has happened in the recent past, from the success of her song to the lockdown.

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What, however, caught my ears with regard to lyrics was her taking about here thoughts on cyberbullying and the peculiar case of TikTok sensation Azziad who was shamed for relying heavily on makeup for her beauty. Femi One especially took issue with the fact that women were at the forefront of mocking her. pretty bold assertion but it also comes with a positive as she insists that women need to uplift each other as it is more attractive and sexy.

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The video on it’s one is similar to a lot of quarantine time videos, very simple one shot with no thrills, no muss, no fuss. Femi One is simply sitting infront of the camera on an elevated platform and delivering her rhymes. Even her wardrobe for the video is a simple one as you can guess what with the Coronavirus lockdown no one is doing extra.



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