“My first car in university was a Porsche” Prezzo shows off the German machine his mother bought him while he was still a student (Photos)

While people are making noise with their latest Porsches, Prezzo owned the prestigious German model several years ago while he was still a student.

Prezzo is known for his flamboyance, he has no shame acknowledging that he was born with a silver spoon. His family, the Makinis, is well known across the country for herbal medicine.

CMB’s mother Dinna Bhoke Makini made sure her son had a comfortable life while he was growing up, she bought Prezzo a Porsche 996 GT3 while he was still a student in university.

Prezzo and her mother

Prezzo took to social media to show off the German machine his mother bought him, he said lecturers used to look at him in a certain way because of the yellow Porsche 996 he was driving.

“Old money fam, my 1st ride in uni had my lecturers looking at me in some type of way…. & u wonder why I love my mum to death. Gods son #Rapcellency.” Prezzo captioned a photo of his Porsche 996 GT3.

Prezzo’s Porsche 996 GT3


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