Flaqo Urges Keranta To Spend More Of His Money

Kenyan comedian and content creator Flaqo has expressed his wish for his girlfriend Keranta to spend more money and enjoy the finer things in life.

Keranta shared a screenshot of a conversation between her and Flaqo where he was complaining that she had spent a very little amount of cash. According to the messages, Keranta had ordered food worth Ksh 300 and Flaqo was hesitant to pay since the amount was too little. He asked her to go back and send him a proper bill.

Keranta also shared that Flaqo was mad at her recently after she refused to travel first class yet he had sent her enough money.

The couple confirmed their relationship in February this year as they celebrated their third anniversary.

Flaqo described Keranta as an understanding human being and as his type of person. He expressed how he feels about her and thanked God for bringing her his way.

Flaqo’s wish for Keranta to spend more money has been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some fans have supported Flaqo, saying that he is simply trying to spoil his girlfriend. Others have criticized Flaqo, saying that he is being materialistic and that he should not be dictating how Keranta spends her money.

Ultimately, it is up to Keranta to decide how she wants to spend her money. Flaqo’s wishes should be taken into consideration, but she should not feel obligated to spend more than she is comfortable with.

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