Flaqo’s Ex-Girlfriend Regrets Breaking Up With Him After He Got Rich & Famous

Comedian Flaqo’s ex-girlfriend, Anne Tracey, has shared her feelings of regret over their past relationship.

In a recent interview, Tracey revealed that she first met Flaqo through Facebook in 2016 and they quickly began dating online. She eventually moved to live with him in Kisumu, where he was still in college.

However, the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship arose when Tracy had to return to Nairobi to continue her studies. Unfortunately, this geographical separation eventually had an effect on their romantic relationship. At that time, Flaqo had not yet achieved the fame and recognition he enjoys today as a content creator.

Tracey clarified that she posted the old photos of her and Flaqo innocently, like any other internet user sharing throwback pictures. She was surprised at the overreactions her posts generated.

Contrary to rumours, Tracey denied any bitterness between her and Flaqo, emphasising that they remain friends and are still in contact. However, despite the breakup and her contentment with Flaqo’s success, Tracey admitted to having regrets. She wished she had held onto their relationship, believing it might have led to a different and possibly more prosperous life for her.

Tracey’s story is a reminder that relationships can be complex and challenging, even for the most seemingly perfect couples. It is also a reminder that the grass is not always greener on the other side. It is important to cherish the relationships we have, even if they are not perfect.

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