Flashback Friday! Photo of the gorgeous Anne Kiguta before the fame and money

Anne Kiguta has definitely come from so far and just like most celebrities who have it to the top; Miss Kiguta worked hard to get to where she is right now.

Just a few hours ago Willis Raburu who is friends with Miss Kiguta went on to share a never before seen photo of the lass back in her campus days.

Judging from her pose on the photo, Willis Raburu claims that this is where ‘Punchline’ her show began.

Anne Kiguta

Humble beginnings

In a well detailed post, Anne Kiguta thanks Willis Raburu for sharing this photo as it reminds her of the struggles she faced before getting where she is.

According to Kiguta, the photo was taken when she was she was working for Hope FM – where she had been earning peanuts which couldn’t cover her bills leave alone bus fare.

Through her Instagram page, the lass went on to write;

Thank you @willisraburu for reminding how far I’ve come!! I was 18. First job at Hope Fm. Really earning peanuts. No what’s less than peanuts? Half a peanut? That’s what I was earning. I’d leave the Daystar Athi River campus, drop off at Airport view estate and literally walk all the way to NPC valley road… actually it was more like run! Why walk, because I had choose between the luxury of getting on a bus or a cab or saving that fare. The bus would get to Nairobi at 5:30pm & I’d be in studio at 6:30pm. Always exhausted but just so thankful to be on air and having the time of my life with this guy! I could cater for my little expenses with my few shillings from this gig. Like most of us I wasn’t born with much more than a loving and decent family. And like my family I had to learn how to work for any little thing I had. And I always have. Sure we were not “poor” in the sense that my parents could afford to take me school and I went to some pretty good schools but bottom line- you had to work”

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