Following Maribe’s illness, the High Court postponed Jowie & Jacque Maribe’s ruling

This morning, in the Monica Kimani murder case, former TV anchor Jacque Maribe requested the court to postpone the delivery of her judgment, citing illness. The court, originally scheduled to pronounce the judgment at 9 am, had only her former lover Jowie Irungu present.

Maribe’s advocate, Katwa Kigen, urged Trial Judge Grace Nzioka to consider accommodating her due to her severe illness. While the nature of her ailment remained confidential, state prosecutor Gakoe Gichuhi requested access to the medical details. Gichuhi did not object to the adjournment, acknowledging that sickness is beyond one’s control.

Maribe, expressing her expectation of recovery within the next seven days, conveyed her willingness to travel to Naivasha, where the trial Judge typically sits, for the judgment.

Katwa explained Maribe’s indisposition, highlighting that both her parents were present in court, signaling her desire to be there. Consequently, Katwa requested an adjournment, emphasizing this as the only instance she has not attended court.

Jowie, through his advocate Professor Hassan Nandwa, expressed readiness to proceed but expressed willingness to accommodate Maribe due to the uncontrollable nature of sickness. The victim’s family also requested a nearer date, citing their anxiety over the case’s outcome.

After hearing from all parties, Justice Nzioka approved the adjournment, dispelling claims that it was Maribe’s first such request. The court noted two previous instances of adjournment during the hearing due to her unavailability. Justice Nzioka urged counsels to inform their clients about the reason for the adjournment.

The matter was rescheduled for March 15, and the request to deliver the judgment in Naivasha was declined due to resource constraints.

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