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For Eric Omondi, reuniting with Jacque Maribe would be a big blunder

November 23, 2020 at 11:36
For Eric Omondi, reuniting with Jacque Maribe would be a big blunder

Eric Omondi and his baby mama, Jacque Maribe have finally come out to reveal that they share a love-child together. You see, for the longest time, a lot of rumours and gossip surrounded the issue of paternity regarding Jacque Maribe’s son.

“Eric Omondi recently approached me and hinted we can get back together,” Jacque Maribe spills (Video)

We knew she had a son but she had managed to remain mum about who the father was. It was not until she was dragged to court that we found out that the rumours were all false. You see, some of the people linked to the child are the ones I would only mention if I wanted to risk being taken in either an Edgar Obare-esque fashion or for you old heads, like Bogonko Bosire who was never heard from again.

Jacque Maribe

Friendship is, and always will be us – Jacque Maribe to Dennis Itumbi

So we found out that Eric Omondi was the baby daddy and he was a piss poor example of a father figure. They have since mended their fences and are now co-parenting.

“He jumped ship” Jacque Maribe opens up about her pregnancy and baby daddy, Eric Omondi

Jacque Maribe recently had an interview in which she spoke about her life and how being in court in connection to a murder case has affected her life. She didn’t discuss the court case but simply talked about everything else including her relationship with her baby daddy. What was interesting is that she revealed that he had approached her with the idea of reuniting. She claims she shut down that idea and we get the feeling she did so with extreme prejudice.

Jacque Maribe

Jacque Maribe with her ex, Eric Omondi

And while it is a real feel-good statement for every Independent Women™ out there, it is actually a worse idea for Eric Omondi to have rolling around in his coconut than it would be for Jacque Maribe. He stands to lose way more than he stands to gain if they were to reunite. Jacque Maribe would be gaining a permanent father figure for her son and it would actually be his daddy. She would be getting a man who is actually settled and not a shyster like her ex-fiance, Jowie Irungu. Perhaps this would lead to her becoming bored very soon given her penchant for badboys.

Jacque Maribe needs to completely stop mentioning Jowie cause she’ll always look weak

But for Eric Omondi, he would be tethering his fate to a woman who has the potential to torpedo everything he has worked hard to build. At the moment, he has more clout than she does and this is a brand that he can easily monetize. No brands want to be paired up with her while the question of her court case looms unanswered. It would in turn make Eric Omondi’s brand toxic by association.

Jacque Maribe

Jacque Maribe reporting about the murder case that forever changed her life

Then there is the matter of the possibility of going to jail for life in her murder case. Eric Omondi would have elected to tie his lot in with someone who could then have to go to prison for the rest of her life. While this would allow him to raise his son as a single father, I doubt he is prepared for such a daunting responsibility.

“I just don’t care about him” Jacque Maribe talks about Jowie Irungu months after bitter break up

Add to this the fact that getting serious with Jacque Maribe would mean he’d also have to help her with the financial burden of hiring the best legal defence team money can buy. Afterall, Eric Omondi would be looking to get himself involved in the biggest fight of her life.

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi and their son, Zahari

But when everything is said or done, the choice of how to complicate his life is entirely his own but in my opinion, Eric Omondi should perish the thought of reuniting with his ex, Jacque Maribe.

Jacque Maribe has to pursue political office

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