For once Oga Obinna gives credible relationship advice

Image: Oga Obinna

Oga Obinna isn’t the type of person I would normally recommend for relationship advice given just how much his personal history is littered with garbage relationship of which he is often the cause of the issues.

But he recently gave Kennedy Rapudo some phenomenal advice with regards to his engagement and relationship to Amber Ray advice that is so sound that I actually not only second it but endorse wholeheartedly.

But before we get into that let’s do a quick recap of just who Kennedy rapido is and the nature of his relationship with Faith Makau.

And right off the bat I can safely say it isn’t the type of relationship anyone would want their son or brother to get involved in because this is a man who has built himself from the Ground Up and is currently enjoying a successful career who has decided to wife up not only a single mother but one who has been rumoured to have engaged in sex work in the distant past and has been known to have some of the most important types of relationships in the recent past. Case in point? Jimal Roho Safi.

Indeed she isn’t the type of woman one would proudly take home to their mother and expect marital blessings from her.

And this is precisely why do Oga Obinna’s marital advice to the groom in waiting was sound.

Rapudo proposes to Amber Ray

During his radio show on kiss FM breakfast he was having a conversation with his co-host Chito Ndlovu and he said Ken needs to stop investing more of himself into the relationship than Amber does.

The average vapid, rabid feminist was offended by this adviser weather upon closer scrutiny you can appreciate the advice for the genius it is. It’s not that Obinna is advising that the relationship should be neglected but rather he’s advising that Kennedy needs to focus on his own mission; continue to build himself up as a man of value and that is what we keep his bride to be around.

Amber with Bae, Rapudo

After all whoever is more invested in a relationship than their partner is often on the weaker footing. And we already know just how much of a man-eater the bride to be is.


In a nutshell what will Obinna is saying, is that Ken needs to continue focusing on himself trying to make himself the best possible version of himself and that is what will win him the continued admiration and love from his wife should he fall short of this we expect that she’s going to dump him and he’ll be just another memory she has.

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