Former KTN anchor Linda Oguttu working at a mjengo? She responds!

After leaving the newsroom, former KTN anchor Lindah Oguttu has finally reacted to the allegations that she worked in the building and construction sector.

The media celebrity posted a screenshot of an internet news article that claimed she works on construction sites on Twitter.

As there is nothing wrong with performing mjengo job, she then requested that people stop sending her the stories.

Oguttu said that she started out as a hawker and that her monthly income was about KSh 4,000. View this page for more information about Lindah Ogutu.

“People, stop sending me this story. I have hawked things in this town. The first salary was KSh 4,000, living in Gachie. I know how to hustle. Assume I work in a mjengo, shida iko wapi? As long as we put food on the table. The best part is eating fresh food from kibandasky. Mjengo pia ni kazi tusitishwe,”

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