Former Manzi wa TRM finally understands you can’t take a man off the streets and turn him to a husband

Image: Weezdom with ex, Manzi wa TRM

Caro Leehavi who was popularly known as Manzi wa TRM before dropping the name seems to be facing some relationship problems, a few weeks after she had reconciled with boyfriend, Weezdom.

You see, the two rekindled their old flame months after Caro Leehavi exposed the fella for being a womanizer who was playing both her and Weezdom’s ex Miley Stacey. Whats actually funny is that Caro made sure she had tainted the guys name to a point we never thought they would get back together….but mapenzi ya watu wawili ni ngumu.

Mylee with bae, Weezdom

Anyway, despite the drama – Caro Leehavi still reconciled with Weezdom as seen on several posts (now deleted or archived) shared on her page; and for a minute the two seemed quite in love as they kept throwing pet names like babe, mpenzi around.

Bittersweet love

The two went as far as taking traditional couple goal photos, convincing us that this time around it would end in marriage.

Weezdom with ex, Manzi wa TRM

However Caro has lately been sharing posts about love hurting and why women should always put themselves first….and I am like – wait – tena wameachana? Weezdom amefanya ile kitu tena.

Well, as much as we want to sympathize with Caro Leehavi – I also feel like she got herself in the mess when she decided to take the guy back…..thinking she would make him a better man.

However truth is, no woman can change a grown man hivyo tu. A grown man knows what he wants and will keep doing what he feels is right no matter how much he is loved by a woman.

Again…..if he has real feelings for you, he will adjust his ways to ensure he keeps you but if he doesnt….that man is for the streets, and the sad part is that youll keep trying to fix something you didn’t break until you lose yourself in the mix.

And look…. Caro Leehavi is now dealing with a heartache she would have dodged months ago.

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