Former Nairobi Diaries actress claps back at haters claiming Mzungu husband is broke

Michell Yola is fed up with how Kenyabs on social media keep on following up with her life on social media. In fact if things could be any different; the young mum of two would never share her social media handles.

This past weekend the lady was once again angered by a bunch of women claiming her Caucasian husband has no Money. This is after the fella took Yola to the woods for camping; and since most Africans are not used to such things, they began firing shots.

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According to most, this was a clear indication that Yola’s French husband is broke; but little did they know how good life has been for the young mum.

Savage clap back

Having gotten used to the petty trolls from Chitchat women on Facebook; Miss Yola did not waste her time arguing with these women. She however issued a savage clap back that left most looking for places to hide their faces.

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According to Yola, she has no problem being married to a broke man; but what she was worried about is fans taking panadol for her headache. Through her IG stories the young mum went on to respond saying;

Sasa mimi na hii maisha yangu mbovu bado nawasumbua? Mtangoja sana nihangaike. Mungu alishaniandikia story yangu. So mimi na huyu mzungu hawezi nipeleka out tuko tu sawa. Bora uhai!

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