Former socialite Huddah admits having an addiction to marijuana (Photo)

Bad girl Hudah has always been controversial and the interesting part is that she barely cares about what people think or even say about her.

Back in the day, the lady was wild and enjoyed spending her easily earned money as she toured the world since life was now treating her well. With time this became normal and Huddah made sure to use the opportunities wisely.

Anyway just recently the former socialite who is now a business lady running a makeup line; while still selling non perishable goods like sanitizers and wipes opened up about her past shocking many.

According to Huddah back in 2015/16/17 she was hooked up on Mary Jane to a point of flying off to Amsterdam to enjoy the good Coffee; before flying off to Ibiza to swim. She openly opened up about her addiction to weed saying;

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short story! When I used to be a bad gal 2015/16/17.Id fly to Amsterdam to just sit at the coffee shops to enjoy “coffee.” And then off to Ibiza to swim!


With this short story Huddah went on to add that she has since reformed and might soon be starting a prosperity church.

Then I reformed! I’m trying start a prosperity church soon! Hope y’all come to my church!

Not quite sure whether Huddah can play the part of a preacher; but all I know is that all religions welcome sinners, i’m pretty sure she would fit in perfectly!

As of now, the lady will continue enjoying her stay in Dubai where she is currently stuck; but on the brighter side is that she will not feel the economic pinch that has left Kenyans desperate for any type of hustle.



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