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Former socialite reveals she delivered 3rd baby at home, by herself

July 28, 2022 at 12:46
Former socialite reveals she delivered 3rd baby at home, by herself

By now it’s evident that young Vanessa Chettle fame ilikunywa Maji after she decided to leave Nairobi for Eldoret where she says she’s doing farming.

Yea farming all right, but I also think her bad boy baby daddy Maina could be the reason she abandoned the celebrity lifestyle; I mean – Vanessa Chettle is madly in love with this guy, already has a daughter with him and was recently pregnant with his baby before the motorcycle accident.

Well judging by the photos we’ve seen so far – mmmh Vanessa’s life seems to have changed for….okay not for the best; but at least she looks happy, right?

Giving birth at home

Anyway just recently the lady opened up about losing her 3rd baby to complications pediatricians couldn’t not control. According to the young mum of two (remember eldest daughter is from an ex deadbeat boyfriend)  this happened because her baby was too premature to survive.

From her post, she allegedly delivered the baby at home by herself but since she was only 6 months pregnant – means these complications were expected. What’s shocking is that this is the second baby Vanessa Chettle has delivered at home by herself.

Vanessa Chettle’s bae

History repeat itself and I gave birth to my barely six months old baby girl right there! Another miracle that made it into this crazy world in a crazy way though she was perfect!


The only problem is that she was too early and I was too weak. I held her so close, myself drifting n out of consciousness and finally we made it to hospital. I was going to name her Ayanna ❤️

If you remember well, 5 years ago while 21 years she gave birth to her first child Anna (named after her late mum) in her bathroom – all alone and still managed to get an ambulance which took her to the hospital later on.

Not quite sure how does it….but again, I’m told God cannot test you beyond your faith.


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