Former socialite steps in to defend Mishi Dora, hauls unprintable insults at Shakilla

One thing about these socialites is that they’ve all used the popular Queens don’t roll in packs quote while trying to prove how much they don’t need support or help from anyone. Actually Huddah has used this before and so have the other sleeping socialites in the country.

Former Nairobi Diaries actress, Sabrina Wangeci

However for Mishi Dora it’s different – she’s not afraid to have a friend fight her battles which explains why former Nairobi Diaries actress Sabrina Wangechi decided to tell off Shakilla.

Okay, I know we all have that ride or die friend who will always come through but damn Sabrina Wangeci went all out; reminding me of those silly high school beef girls had to deal with. Like come on…attacking another woman at this age over clout chased beef? Mmmh…not doing that today.

Wangeci to Shakilla

Well since I can’t really write down some of the things Sabrina Wangeci said – what I can say is that she feels Shakilla has too much pudesh mileage for a girl her age.

Shakilla doing what she does best

Wangeci also added that Shakilla’s privates must be disfigured from serving too much pudesh to men paying her. Hooold up…I said I won’t get into details but i don’t – you won’t get the picture.

Mmh it’s funny how these ladies insult each other when we all know they’re cut from the same cloth…more of like the pot calling the kettle black….but then again, it’s the entertainment industry, right?

Anyway watch the video below to see what Wangeci told Shakilla.


Cant help but wonder – will Shakilla respond and if so…how messy are they willing to get?

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