Former TPF pianist Aaron Rimbui talks about suffering burns from gas explosion and battle with heart disease and cancer 

Former Tusker Project Fame pianist Aaron Rimbui has literally been through hell. He survived a gas explosion and later on he had to deal with a heart disease, cancer and depression.

Rimbui suffered second-degree burns from a gas explosion and spent months in hospital to reconstruct the functional parts of his body.

Aaron Rimbui
Aaron Rimbui
I was forced to re-evaluate what’s really important

Rimbui recently took to social media to narrate his battle with depression, heart disease and cancer which came two years after he suffered the burn.

Had a conversation with a good friend about how stress and pressure (work, friends) is adversely affecting us.
2 years ago after a period of high octane stress and pressure I crashed and burned out leading to a mental & emotional breakdown – mild depression. I’d ignored all the warning signs ⚠️… chronic fatigue, headaches, constant anxiety, irritability, gastritis, GERD, and other opportunistic bugs because my immunity was low. Years had passed without a time-out, taking care of ME.
I sort professional help. If I’d procrastinated [in reaching out and getting help] my health would have taken a major hit. I was staring at ulcers, clinical depression, heart disease and eventually cancer. I was forced to re-evaluate what’s really important.
I’m pursuing true wealth: peace, contentment, joy, good health, great relationships, self acceptance.
The pressure to be seen and be perceived a certain way that’s not in tandem with reality only leads to a dark place. There’s a heavy price to pay: well-being. ?? #Reflections #HealthIsWealth

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