Francis Atwoli blasts Kenyans complaining about cost of living under Ruto

Francis Atwoli, the head of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions, has reprimanded Kenyans who have been grumbling about high taxes and living expenses.

Atwoli said that President William Ruto made it very clear what he intended to do during the 2022 presidential races in a video obtained by the Star.

He claimed that Ruto had made it plain that he wanted to create the nation with the help of every Kenyan.

According to Atwoli, Ruto is currently urging Kenyans to provide resources so that he may carry out his pledge to build the nation.

“Even currently, people are complaining of the high cost of living, price of things has gone up, oh we voted for this government but better William Samoei Ruto. He was very clear when he was campaigning. He told you wewe mama mboga, wewe mtu wa boda boda and everybody that this government will build with you.

Sasa ukiambiwa leta mbao, leta jembe, let vitu tujenge hii serikali unarudi nyuma unasema heri tungepigia Raila Odinga. (When you are told to bring wood and a plow to help build the country, you go back and start saying you should have voted for Raila Odinga)”

It’s time for Kenyans to recognise that some things are unchangeable, according to Atwoli.

He went on to say that it’s time for them to concede that Ruto is in command and give him time to carry out his national agenda.

“We must accept for him to implement his agenda because there are some situations you cannot change for either five years or 10 years.”

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