Francis Atwoli commends Mary Kilobi and asserts that having multiple wives does not signify greed

During a Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) meeting in Western Kenya on May 3, 2024, Francis Atwoli, the 74-year-old secretary general, entertained the audience with amusing anecdotes about marrying his third wife, TV news anchor Mary Kilobi.


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Atwoli commended his wife and shared anecdotes about her helpfulness, such as ensuring he didn’t miss flights by confirming boarding times and providing him with insights on important events, like President William Ruto’s press conferences.

He recounted an instance where Mary assisted him in preparing for an international meeting in Algeria, where they attended an event hosted by Kofi Annan. Mary quickly found and provided him with background information about Annan, impressing those around him.


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Atwoli clarified that his decision to marry Mary wasn’t driven by greed but rather by her beauty, youthfulness, and the fact that her name reminded him of his mother, who was also named Mary. He emphasized that having someone to assist him wasn’t about greed but practicality.

Furthermore, Atwoli acknowledged Mary’s role in ensuring he took his medication correctly, highlighting an incident where he mixed up his medication while traveling without her, resulting in drowsiness and fainting. Both his doctor and Mary scolded him for the oversight.

Atwoli also admitted to spending more public time with Mary, who was present during his speech at the meeting.

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