Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka facing relationship issues?

Image: Frankie and Corazon

Okay okay, I know most of y’all will say Frankie Just Gym is just clout chasing; now that he rarely makes news anymore. But – you’re right. I mean…unless he has something entertaining to share with fans – we ain’t writing!

Anyway a few days ago the gym trainer got many talking after sharing a post talking about ‘when a man tells you he’s tired, pay attention.

From the post shared above, I now understand why fans were quick to assume that all is not well in his kingdom; while others felt that the trainer was just clout chasing since he is no longer relevant.

However – it wouldn’t be fair to jump into conclusions so fast, right? Maybe just maybe Frankie posted the video hoping to pass some wisdom to his fans; but again, what are the chances that he strongly relates with such a clip? Or is it a hint hint?

Frankie with family

Honeymoon phase over

Anyway, as much as we agree Frankie Just Gym It may have used the video to confuse or keep his enemies busy; it’s also good to note that both him and Corazon  are way past the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Frankie proposes to Corazon

This only means that the two are now living, arguing and fighting like any other couple out here; which explains some of their relationship quotes shared on their IG’s.

Well – apart from Frankie’s post…word has it that both him and Corazon unfollowed each other on social media; but haven’t we been here before?

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