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Frankie Just Gym It doesn’t owe anyone an explanation about Corazon Kwamboka

July 07, 2020 at 22:26
Frankie Just Gym It doesn't owe anyone an explanation about Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie Just Gym It is currently the bad guy in many a narrative told by bitter Bettys who are upset that their own love lives are so deep in the shitter, they qualify to be used as the manure used to grow the food that feeds Nairobi.

Yup, we were right, Frankie Just Gym It played himself with Corazon Kwamboka

The focal point of all the diatribe is the fact that he and his new lady love, Corazon Kwamboka are expecting a baby. Frankie Just Gym It did not cheat on his ex, Maureen Waititu nor did he dump her. He was the one who was left and he is the one who had to move out of their hearth and home.

frankie just gym it

Frankie Just Gym It, was dumped and he elected to do what any sane man should do: move on. He has picked up the pieces of his life and he has moved on. He started seeing someone else and whether or not you agree with his choice, he has the right and freedom to make the choice. And he chose Corazon Kwamboka and everything was consensual.

Maureen Waititu’s reaction after learning about Corazon Kwamboka’s pregnancy (Photo)

So why then is Frankie Just Gym It being lampooned by Maureen Waititu’s fans? What the actual fluff is driving these bitter women?

frankie just gym it

The answer is that Maureen Waititu probably thought he would come back begging her to return. Also, the fact that these women have a dried and shrivelled up love life means that they had banked their hopes on Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It. And when that relationship went belly up like a dead dog by the side of the road, they were hurt. And now, that hurt is being compounded by the fact that he has moved on already and the woman he is now with is arguably hotter than Maureen Waititu.

Corazon Kwamboka thanks Maureen Waititu’s ex husband for impregnating her (Photo)

I would further wager, the fandom is upset because they know how hard it is for a woman with two children to move on to another meaningful relationship. Also, the fact that Maureen Waititu lost the Wafula Thundercock that is Frankie Just Gym It.

frankie just gym it

But at the end of the day, Frankie’s main focus is for him to create a fulfilling life for himself, then for him to be a great father to his children. And that is the only thing he has to focus on. Not your opinions and certainly not mine though I will admit that he completely played himself like a fiddle with his choice of partner.

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