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Frankie Just Gym It has given Corazon Kwamboka societal acceptability

December 05, 2020 at 07:26
Frankie Just Gym It has given Corazon Kwamboka societal acceptability

Frankie Just Gym it has been a blessing for Corazon Kwamboka more than most of you out here on these internet streets realize. She really was blessed by him simply choosing to love her and I am here to open your eyes as to why.

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You see, Corazon Kwamboka had first come onto the entertainment scene and the collective Kenyan awareness as a socialite. She was her derriere and to some, her pretty face (I would debate this last point but I am here to humbly submit another talking point).

Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka looking all dolled up

Corazon Kwamboka was everything she was and one other thing, a mainstay on gossip rags. She was the type of excitement we crave to take our minds away from all the mundane bullshit we have to slog through in life. And she was a tantalising morsel of gossip.

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Things came to a head when her own biological father came out and granted an interview to The Nairobian and told the nation that he believes his daughter is a prostitute. And no, that wasn’t said as an insult, it was a statement of what he believes her profession to be.

Corazon Kwamboka

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie

Frankie Just Gym It or as the government knows him, Frankie Kiarie, has done wonders for the woman whom the entire nation loved to hate. She was especially on everyone’s shitlist when she started dating a white man and vowed never to date a black Kenyan/ African man ever again. It was as if she was declaring that she not only felt inferior to caucasian people but also wanted to drag us along with her as she went on the self-hate rollercoaster.

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When she found a man like Frankie, we were all surprised. How did such a self-loathing rumoured call girl land a man like Frankie? I mean, he has his flaws but he is undeniably a catch. And proof of this is the way certain doors that were hitherto closed off to her are finally getting opened. Recently, we saw the couple get invited for a Hennessy event.

For the small-minded among you, this is not about her being invited for drinks and cocktails but the power-brokers from the alcoholic beverage company that she got to hobnob with. She was in a room full of people she would otherwise not likely have gotten to interact with and it is all down to the fact that she is now currently with Frankie Just Gym It. Now she is washed and has emerged anew in the form of a mother and a powerful woman and loved partner of her man and this is reflected by the comments she gets these days on her social media account.

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