Frankie Just Gym It opens up on long battle with rare skin condition since birth

Frankie Just Gym It so happens to have random white patches of skin all over his body that are a bit subtle but curious fans compelled him to open up about his skin defect.

Many might not have taken note of Frankie’s inconsistent skin color especially when he steps out shirtless but those that did, saw him start a whole new discussion on the same.

Gym instructor, Frankie Just Gym IT

Through his vlog, the fitness enthusiast talked of battling a condition, Vitiligo that he has had to live with since his birth, where the skin loses its pigment cells in patches, such that there are darker and lighter parts on his body.

I have these white patches everywhere, from my neck to my chest even my arm, pretty much every part of my body is covered with it. It’s called vitiligo meaning there is not enough melanin in certain sections of my body.

Frankie Just Gym IT


It’s something I was born with, no cure, not a disease or illness, not something that hurts…no! It’s just a pigmentation defect. Literally, I have it all over my face but you can’t see it unless you put the black light on.

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Living with it

Funny enough, every year, some patches pop up in different parts of his body but a bit bigger. When he tried to inquire about his condition from his mom, she interestingly told him God was not able to decide whether he should be black or white.

Fitness enthusiast, Frankie Just Gym It

So apparently, Frankie noticed his skin defect just about 3/4 years ago when a lady DM-ed him on Instagram telling him how proud she is to see him showcase his body despite the imperfections.

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Only for him to dive into research to understand his condition.

I just thought it was birthmarks because I never really thought much into it until I researched and got acquainted with. If you get it at an older age, that’s when it’s dangerous, causing diabetes and all…

frankie just gym it
Frankie Just Gym It

However, he is not the only one battling the condition with several other notable figures in the world having had it including the late pop star, Michael Jackson.

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