‘Friends Poisoned Me’ Bridget Achieng Celebrates Birthday With Nostalgic Message To Fake Friends

Socialite and entrepreneur Bridget Achieng has faced her flaws in the most intriguing manner. Having your nudes leaked by a close friend is not something you’d never expect, but Bridget found herself on the receiving end of her shenanigan friends.

No Friends, No Problem

Bridget has however, not let the latter stop her from enjoying the little things in life. She knows her nudes are out there; but she has decided to go on with her normal life and let go of what can’t be changed.

Bridget Achieng-Google

On this day, 15th July, Bridget is celebrating her 32nd birthday; with a message to fake friends and women fighting such battles as hers.

I have a lot of things I’m battling in life but this part of the week remaining I want use it to glorify God; so called friends poisoned me. When it didn’t work they circulated edit videos and pictures; and as if that was not enough they have used there social media and sittings; any sitting they find to make me there full time job. What an important person I am ….still here still fighting and living this life.

I’m not in a competition with anyone just running my race. Proudly turning 32 imperfectly. I never said I was a model anywhere neither did I ever say I’m perfect. It’s my prayer that as women we use any Avenue God has given us to lift ourselves and make a better tomorrow… To all women and men battling something in private you can’t talk about may God almighty answer all your secret prayers and wipe your tears love you Guys…”

Bridget’s story is enough to tell us the importance of choosing friends wisely. I bet it was a lesson worth taking in.

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