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Friendship goals: “I love you so much” Lulu Hassan pens down a warm message to celebrate Kanze Dena’s birthday

April 12, 2017 at 10:55
Friendship goals: "I love you so much" Lulu Hassan pens down a warm message to celebrate Kanze Dena's birthday

Kanze Dena turns a year older today, 12th April and her co host Lulu Hassan was the first to send her a sweet birthday message on social media.

Lulu Hassan took to Instagram early this morning to celebrate her friend by posting an adorable picture of Kanze which she accompanied with a heartfelt message. Lulu talked about the friendship they share and how much she has come to love her.

Kanze Dena

Kanze Dena

Happy Birthday to you…??????♩♩ Like the wind blows through the trees, so friendship blows through our lives. Thankfully, for us, ours is the kind that sticks. Happy birthday this year and always! One word for @kanze_dena as she turns a year older today…#pendawewesana

The two have proven to have a solid friendship that is not only seen when they are on TV but also when they are out hanging out with each other off work.

So far they are among the celebrated Swahili female anchors and have always given their viewers every reason to stay glued on their TV screens whenever they are on air.


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