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From Diamond Platnumz to Atwoli: Polygamy the natural state of African marriage

June 30, 2020 at 18:35
From Diamond Platnumz to Atwoli: Polygamy the natural state of African marriage

Diamond Platnumz and Atwoli are afew exampled that best exemplify what we are going to be taking a look at today which is the state of African marriages.

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When you look across Africa, and for the sake our argument, we shall take a look at things from the perspective of entertainers and celebrities.

atwoli with his wife mary kilobi

You see, for men like Diamond Platnumz, men at the peak of their careers at a young age, men who are the best at what they do, men who have managed to turn their position into financial success, expecting them to be monogamists is lying to yourself as a woman.

¨I am hoping am just hoping nitasemehewa¨ Francis Atwoli´s outcry regarding his polygamous marriage

Then there are men like Atwoli. Men who after toiling and making their bones decide to indulge in some of the niceties life has to offer. I mean, sure, they began their journey through life with one wife but then they realized they don’t have to settle for just one.

atwoli and mary kilobi

At the end of the day, the fact that is constant among all such individuals is that they are men.

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Diamond and Atwoli are examples of what men go for once they have settled their existential question. By that, I am referring to men who have surmounted the question of how to survive and are now thriving and beyond. Such men then have a lot more time to focus on whatever their poison of choice is and for most men, that would be women.

diamond platnumz henched

I mean, sure, any woman targeting settling down with Diamond Platnumz can focus on getting his children and being his wife but if you aren’t honest with yourself about how that would look like, then you will end up like Zari or Tanasha or Hamisa Mobetto.

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Atwoli, on the other hand, has less of an excuse to have a polygamous setup but we do not know whether his first wife was aware of his polygamous proclivities. However, the fact that he hasn’t been divorced yet gives us an idea.

diamond platnumz

And the reason to take a look at the two men is to look at men from two different age groups and two different generations and culture differences. Diamond Platnumz and men like him will indeed settle down but they are at a place in life where they do not have to settle down with one as they are met with an abundance of options. he is not that boyfriend of yours whom you can threaten with dumping him if he doesn’t do what you want him to.

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Atwoli isn’t that dzaddy of yours that you know is going to crumble if you tell him you will not be nice to him if he doesn’t buy you that weave you want.

diamond platnumz

Also, at the end of the day, when you see how many marriages are being rocked or blown apart entirely by infidelity on the part of the man you begin to realize it is because we are taking foreign notions of love wholesale and not translating them to the African setting.

Diamond and Atwoli are two different men who show that a man’s natural state, once he is doing well, is to pursue polygamous relationships. And don’t listen to what your boyfriend is telling you after you showed him this article, he will lie to you because he knows you’re the only source of sex for him.


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