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From DJ Mo to Daddy Owen, Kenya’s entertainment scene is full of simps

January 11, 2021 at 08:00
From DJ Mo to Daddy Owen, Kenya's entertainment scene is full of simps

Kenya’s entertainment scene is choke-full with simps and Bahati, Daddy Owen and DJ Mo are a trio who best exemplify this fact. As a result, we have a popular culture and media that celebrates weak, spineless men who define themselves by how happy their partners are without ever thinking to find out what the difference is between social media happiness and real, everyday happiness.

Bahati and Diana Marua will live to regret all their petty publicity stunts

Instead, of a culture that celebrates healthy takes on happiness, a culture that realizes that lying about being happy is bullshit as fake it to make it doesn’t work in that regard (I am looking at you DJ Mo), we have a culture that instead pedestalizes me who do not seem to have themselves as the focal point of their joy, men who are aware that they can be complete in and of themselves, entertainers who actually have a mission outside making m’lady happy.

Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen with alleged ex wife, Farida

As a result, there are very few men who are thought leaders for this new generation of Kenyan men. So whenever young Kenyan men want to look up to, they are forced to look beyond our borders and then our artists cry about the fact that they aren’t supported. It is much easier to support people you look up to than people who have nothing to offer you.

“Sitambui madem wamekula p2 kama njugu karanga” Blogger tells off Bahati while arguing about Diana Marua

And while I could talk about the degenerates, today what we will instead focus on is the leaders of Kenya’s simp nation, DJ mo, Bahati and Daddy Owen. Let us look at their relationships and find out where they have gone wrong and how we can improve our own lots by learning from their nonsense:

Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen

Bashati who refuses to take leadership of his boma.

Diana Marua Vs Yvette Obura: Bahati is the cause of his blended family breakup

Bahati is not the type of man many can look up to because he refuses to take the lead in his relationship. It is a strange scenario we get treated to every time we see the couple together. Bahati is an orphan and understandably doesn’t know how a proper functional family unit operates but it is jarring to watch him refuse to learn and improve who he is. And as a result, he always defers to his wife’s opinions and decisions. Whenever the cameras are around and we see him stand for something, it is usually when he is throwing a childish tantrum and being a prick.

DJ Mo and Size 8

Size 8 and DJ Mo 7th wedding anniversary

Instead, what he should be trying to do is to identify a couple that has been happily married for longer than a decade and try to get the husband to mentor him. In this, we should also learn how to manage our personal relationships by setting boundaries and taking leadership. I truly hope you aren’t hearing this concept for the first time from a university student.

Daddy Owen’s heartbreak: Lessons Kenyan men should learn

“Happy wife, happy life”


Bahati renews his promise to Diana

If ever there was a toxic philosophy that seems to have seeped into the skulls of men like Daddy owen and Bahati, it would be this. The idea that a man should sacrifice his ambitions and his interests for the sake of keeping his wife happy. The main problem with this is that it invariably leads to resentment either when the man is no longer able to get the sun and stars for their wives or if they finally realize their only utility to their marriage is keeping their wife happy.

Daddy Owen found this up when his finances dried up. His wife was out of there but not before tearing him down with her disrespect. Bahati is still yet to realize this but it is on the offing. As for DJ Mo, he decided to cheat because he realized he had put himself into a box that made marriage unsatisfying for him.

Pedestalizing women (who have dubious pasts)

Learn how to deal with relationships from a grounded perspective, not from some Disney understanding of life. You see, we are human beings which means we have our faults and cracks. The problem with some of you men is you see you celebrities place their women on a pedestal and fail to understand why this is an issue. If you put a woman on a pedestal like Bahati has done, like Daddy Owen did, you will end up with a partner who has no option but to look down at you. Now you are nothing more than a groupie and she is your goddess.

To make matters worse, it is clear that daddy Owen, Bahati and indeed, to some degree, DJ Mo did this with women whom they had not vetted. They had not bothered to take the time to understand how their partners’ pasts could possibly become a demon lurking in the shadows of their homes. Atleast on this one, Diana Marua (Bahati’s wife) has began opening up about her past in an attempt to deal with it.

Daddy Owen married a single mother, Bahati, a lady who had for a long time been the property of the streets. The same goes for DJ Mo. And what do we know about single mothers? Well, they are only an option for men who think they have found women who are too good for them. And it will end spectacularly badly.

DJ Mo, Bahati and Daddy Owen refuse to improve who they are as men.

These guys need mentors, therapy and to read up on modern-day realities of marriages. They need to hit the gym and more than anything, ensure they are investing heavily so their money never dries up. Entertainment is a fickle industry. When the fans decide you’re a has-been, that’s that for you. These guys need to stop simping and defining themselves as husbands, fathers and such solipsistic emotional bullshit and actually find out what makes them tick and how to define themselves from a perspective that wants them to be whole.


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