“Funga Hii Duka Ya Ujinga, Tumechoka!” Ringtone Takes Shots At Eric Omondi About Wife Material Show

Kenyan gospel artist Ringtone is pissed off about Eric Omondi’s Wife Material show and he’s not hiding it! In a video posted by the musician, he warns Eric about the show and says he doesn’t respect women. Yesterday, a video of Eric Omondi’s Wife Material contestants fighting circulated. Police arrived at the scene and arrested those involved.

In the video, Ringtone says that he’ll only give Eric three warnings, then pray for him afterwards.

”…My name is Ringtone and I just want to address Eric Omondi… And I just want to inform you my brother Eric Omondi, funga hii duka ya hii ujinga unafanya, tumechoka. Eric Omondi, hii utoto unafanya sijui kama uko na masisters….

Hii ujinga unafanya sijui kama ukona ma aunty… Upuzi unafanya hatujui kweli kama you respect women… Utoto unafanya we’re not going to allow you. This time Eric Omondi ntakuwarn mara tatu. Na after hiyo, tutakuombea na mambo mbaya itafanyika.”

It’s important to note that Ringtone had offered Kshs 900,000 to the ladies in Eric Omondi’s wife material season one for them to quit the show. Evidently, while other netizens are enjoying all the drama, Ringtone is strongly shunning the actions of Eric.

Even though Ringtone is against it, Eric doesn’t seem to stop at any cost. Let’s wait and see how this unfolds.

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