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Georgina Is Right, New Mums Should Also Have Fun

March 06, 2023 at 11:36
Georgina Is Right, New Mums Should Also Have Fun

The one difficult time that most women really find hard is being a first time mum. Considering it’s their first experience, some end up having post-partum depression and undergo mental breakdown; especially when there’s no help around.

It’s a period that most of them do not wish to have a repertoire of. It’s never a walk in the park.

Learning to be a mom the first time around is tough — really freaking tough. You don’t know how your body is going to respond, and you sure as hell don’t know how your hormones are going to react. It could be easy, or could go completely awry. Either way, you have to give yourself grace and time.

Learning To Relieve Stress

Georgina Njenga

There’s a couple of ways new mums should try and relieve themselves of stress. And Georgina Njenga is doing it right. The mother of one has hit back at trolls for denigrating her for having fun and ‘forgetting’ about her baby.

”First of all asking a mum where she left her baby when she trying to have fun is mom shaming since you all try to create a mom guilt in us. Apart from holding the title mum we have a lot of other things to offer. My first 3 months of being a mom I really did overwork myself. I had no nanny because I felt like I would be a lazy mom.”

She continued to narrate her challenges as a first mum.

          ”When I tell you I never left my apartment gate the whole 3 months I mean it ata kuenda kwa duka. I only got outside when we were going clinics.”

Georgina isn’t the only first time mum who is undergoing such. And having fun should be part of being a mum.


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