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Georgina Njenga: Modern women make for poor mothers

March 06, 2023 at 14:49
Georgina Njenga: Modern women make for poor mothers

Georgina Njenga was spotted out over the wekend when she was attending a concert. Nothing wrong with that statement right? Well, ther isn’t until you add the context of her being a new mother to an infant who is probably still suckling.

She basically left hr child at home with the help or even with her parents just so she could out. I have a really huge issue with her over this issue. Why because this is about her being a mother.

When I was young, I would never have heard about a mother going off to party while her children were at home. That is because mothers understood the virtue of delaying gratifcation. You don’t always have to go out because you’re dealing with FOMO. And that is something Georgina Njenga doesn’t seem to understand.

Her argument was that people don’t find it strange when they see her baby daddy, Tyler Mbaya out with his boys and that is an inconsistent argument because his job is to provide and protect, hers is to nurture.

The modern woman is more concerned with partying and having fun instead of focusing on her sacred duty, she wants to create some instagram reel moments and show her friends that she’s still the belle of the ball. Georgina Njenga knew she was wro9ng for that which is why she was quick to explain away the narrative and how she went about doing this was to ask “what about?”

I’m not down with that but then again her man is a spineless dweeb so he accepts whatever she directs without thinking for himself as to whether or not it is valid. He’s probably even too scared to ask her to explain her logic and when all else fails, just put down his foot and stand on his decision. And it shows.

Then again, what would you expect from Georgina Njenga, a woman who it was alleged was selling her videos when they leaked and her rebuttal was that she sent them to a former lover while still n highschool… Watu sio wajinga bwana!

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