Georgina Njenga shares her delivery experience, says it was scariest moment of her life

Georgina Njenga just had her first child at 20 years and thanks to her vlog with boyfriend, Tyler Mbaya we also learn she had a normal birth.

Well, not every woman is blessed to experience natural birth and although most often wish for it….truth is behind closed doors, they fear the pain and scary experience that would remain fresh in their minds for life.

Tyler Mbaya with girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

However I’m told that labor pains stop immediately after birth, and although the experience stays very fresh in your mind…a new mum or just any mum can’t explain the kind of pain their experience during birth. Yaani you can’t compare the pain to a burn, hit by a car sort of pain or just any kind of pain.

Birthing process

Well unlike new mums, Georgina says she experienced labor for about 24 hours before her baby was born. At first – she assumed it was false, I mean she’s just 33 weeks pregnant and there was no way baby would come that fast. But Ooloiskia wapi.

It was the scariest moment of my life

Speaking about her experience the new mum in town says her biggest fear was losing the baby since she came early and the fact that she was tiny – just made her stressed for her kid.

Because I was like; number one, at 33 weeks baby is definitely going into the incubator. I’m not going with her- she’s going to be alone, si ati nitamhold ati tukae na yeye. Weh! Mi nilikuwa nasikia tu stress.

Well having had her first at 20 years – having to put with the pain, I can assure you Tyler Mbaya and Georgina…mostly Georgina isn’t planning on having another kid anytime soon.

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