Georgina Njenga’s ‘handsome’ remark is met with a cheeky Butita response.

Due to his darkly attractive visage, Eddie Butita is pretty ecstatic that a prominent celebrity finds him attractive.

The key celebrity in question is the content producer Georgina Njenga, who revealed during a quick-fire interview with Flossytrukid that she finds Butita to be attractive.

When asked to list the top five most attractive males, Georgina became quite bashful.

“Does it have to be a TikToker or can I say Instagrammers??”

“Trukid and Butita”

Butita expressed his joy at finally being recognized for his nice looks in the comment area of her Instagram post.

“Hapana!! Madem msikue mnasema tu mnanipenda na inaishia hapo, nikuleni please.”

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