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Ghafla unveils Joho’s “sister” for the first time…she’s surprisingly a Jubilee fanatic(VIDEO)

March 31, 2017 at 14:45

I totally understand the government is busy questioning the eligibility of Joho’s papers but it’s about time it took a breather; a breather to check itself rest they become the laughing stock of their own joke.

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A video of a jubilee politician is circulating online and it’s totally embarrassing. It’s of Mary Wambui(Joho’s sister), the Othaya MP stabbing English all in the name of praising Uhuru Ruto.

And she stabs and stabs until she makes sure there is no life left within the queen’s language:

Check her out as she completely makes a fool out of herself:



“The government has provided light during the night and day” eh ok ??? I think I found Joho’s sister in education ??

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