Ghafla was right! Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo waliwachana tu

This is one of those days that is bittersweet because we have just realised Amber Ray and her fiance, Kennedy Rapudo have decided to call it quits on their relationship.

‘A New Day To Start As A Single Mother Of 2’- Amber Ray Confirms Break-Up With Kennedy Rapudo

We had noticed for a while that the two seem to be at odds with Kennedy trying to do as much as he could to win back his lady-love even splurging on the baby’s gender reveal party but all that seems to have been in vain.

Amber Ray who is a single mother 1 is about to become a single mother of two and this only serves to prove everything Andrew Kim had said about her right and sadly we too had foreseen the end of their relationship.

Andrew Kibe Advices Amber Ray To Keep Her Son Out Of Social Media

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why a relationship between a man accused of being a deadbeat dad and a single mother is not going to make it. However, a lot of feminists and women were hoping it would be a successful relationship if only to give them hope about their situations.

Now Amber Ray is stuck a single mother of two and we can only hope that she and her ex-fiance resolve whatever issues they have if for no other reason than so that their children can have the best possible chance at the best outcome in life because as studies have shown single mothers often raised the most flawed members of society.

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