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Gifts Kenyan men should be expecting from their spouses this Christmas

December 21, 2022 at 10:31
Gifts Kenyan men should be expecting from their spouses this Christmas

Christmas is finally here and we are definitely in a celebratory mood but of course unlike back then when we depended on our folks for everything; this time around were are not planning on overspending since….mmh nikunoma.

With this mind, i also believe many will be on a budget while buying their spouses gifts this Christmas; and being a woman, I also have a list of some of the gifts I believe men will be receiving this time around.


Shoes must be among the most gifted present offered to the male species by their spouses. Well not because they’re affordable but because your woman is fed up with seeing those (3 pairs rubber shoes, leather and) in your closet you have been wearing for years. So yea, just to help you out….you really need the new pair.


I know many make fun of women who gift their men things like belts. But again, you can’t blame them when a man has been holding on to his ‘expenisive leather belt’ for so many years to a point that it exceeds it’s expiring date. Dont believe me? How about next time you try observe whether a man’s expensive suit matches the belt on his waist.


Like i said, you only receive such gifts (wallets) if you have been hoarding an old thing, that you think brings you luck; yet its older than some of yiur kids…and you still expect not receive a wallet as a gift? No, this will keep happening until you learn to gift yourself the right things.


In all honesty – most women never put any thought in things they gift their partners….and this is why you might end up with a masaai Painting this christmas to help decorate your lovely home. So yea, the gift she might just get you is actually hers and not yours.


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