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Githurai female thug defies Hessy’s warning to surrender, says she is ready to meet death by bullet

August 24, 2018 at 07:04
Githurai female thug defies Hessy's warning to surrender, says she is ready to meet death by bullet

Hessy wa Dandora recently warned a female thug Madam Linar Mmbone to surrender within hours. Linar was seen brandishing a pistol in a post on social media.

“Whether your account is deactivated or not, you have less than few hours to surrender to the nearest police station ukiwa umebeba iyo kitu: hapa Githurai 44 siyo mbali sana vile unafikiria, I know your friends are here, sympathisers are also here watching, human rights activists are also here as the witnesses. Staki baadae iwe ati Hesy sijui nini,…. U now have time to assist this lady bring back our property before things get hotter! Ni hayo 2,” posted Hessy on Dandora Crime Free.

Madam Linar Mmbone

Madam Linar Mmbone

Defiant till death

The young gangster has refused to heed Hessy’s warning to surrender. Linar took to social media to parade 16 guns after Hessy called on her to reform.

In her post on Facebook, Linar called on her gang members to pick up the guns and go by their business engaging in criminal activities.

“Brayo, Stevoh, Ndero, Omwani pamoja tuko tayari kazi iendelee,” wrote Linar Mmbone on Facebook.




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