I give DJ Mo all my money and 4 other things Size 8 revealed about their relationship that will likely drive all Kenyan women into a frenzy

Size  8 was the main guest in the regular Xtian Dela vlogs held on Facebook and she revealed quite a lot on her relationship with DJ Mo.

First of all it took quite the effort for DJ Mo to marry her as she’s not easily impressed. I mean, what did you expect, she was the hottest thing in gospel at the time DJ Mo was courting her.

And he was not the only one but made the cut because of his persistence and sacrifice. And when he finally got her, he didn’t waste time as he got right to it.

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They have been together for quite a while but she still remembers the most romantic thing DJ Mo has ever done for her and it was him spending time in the kitchen and sprucing up breakfast for her. Now why she thought this was sweet was because DJ Mo can’t cook, not even to save his life.

And it gets interesting, Size 8 gives all the money she makes as he’s the one in charge of their finances. And since she’s a spend thrift, DJ  Mo always has to stop her from spending money.

Like the 150 K she spent on hair just the other day.

Listen to her as she shares many more lessons about humility and submission which I can attest will not sit well with many Kenyan women:

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