Given up on Kenya: Femi One speaks the youth’s truth to life

We have to celebrate Femi One more now that she has spoken the truth about the Kenyan youth’s take of our country. We need to amplify her voice. We are a failed shithole and if you can leave, you probably should.

Femi One was speaking out in frustration after MCSK announced that they expected Kenyan DJs to pay them two hundred thousand shillings in order to be able to play music on their IG lives to entertain Kenyans locked down during this Covid19 quarantine period.
During her ant, she announced that Kenyan youth who get the opportunity to go abroad and pursue a better life should take it without looking back. And this was cause for concern for Kenyan leaders who would sell you the dream that Kenya is a land filled with opportunity.

Uhuru Kenyatta

The truth about what Kenya is that there is a huge disconnect on multiple fronts. Between generations, the old and the young see things from different perspectives. Between the tribes, there is a disconnect. And between the wealthy and poor, there is a disconnect.
And Femi One has brought it to the fore.

Femi One

You see, Kenya as a country has been plundered by her leaders. Successive regimes have been more concerned with looting the economy and raping Kenya than they have been with consolidating a future for Kenya and Kenyans. As a result, just like Femi One, a lot of Kenyans are frustrated. In part, this is why we look at Kenyan celebrities lending their voices to the American conversation revolving around race when they could be talking and leading the conversation around the plunder and rape of Kenya.

Kenyan celebrities talking about American race issues is hypocrisy

Femi One is one of the realest celebrities and the comment section of her post reflects this. You see, Kenyans have given up on their country. And they do not abandon her lightly, they have fought to keep their dreams alive but in truth, Kenyan politicians have betrayed us.
This, however, leads us to ask who voted for these hyenas. And if it is us, then aren’t we fools for spending so much time voting in these hyenas and expecting them not to kill us?

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