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GK Nyambura represents the worst of what Kenya’s dating pool offers

July 12, 2022 at 15:04
GK Nyambura represents the worst of what Kenya's dating pool offers

GK Nyambura continues to exemplify how horrible the Nairobi dating market is for young men like me and my brethren. No, really, she is an example of the toxic females we have to bear with who act like their faeces don’t stink.

Daughter of Jezebel! GK Nyambura’s fan confesses to infecting ex boyfriend with HIV as payback

She is not only conniving but she also encourages women to be their worst selves because “she hates all men” and “men are trash”. This is misandry, but we will act like this mentally unstable lady is not doing anything wrong, right?

Can you imagine if a man were to go online to share and celebrate some of the BS she often champions on her social media account? I mean, for heaven’s sake, GK Nyambura is a complete menace who recently shared a post about how a woman set her ex-boyfriend up to be infected with HIV.

Why GK Nyambura is obsessed with Omoke

Not only is this sickening but it is an actual crime to knowingly infect someone with HIV and the fact that she shared this message she received as if to celebrate it is despicable. She is a despicable human being.

And the reason she gets away with doing things like this and even harassing her former cuddle buddy Omoke is that she has never been held accountable. She has never been held responsible and had her feet held to the fires that her actions cause. GK Nyambura represents women who think they can get away with murder because they are women. And so they keep pushing the envelope when it comes to how low they can stoop.

GK Nyambura is proof we do not hold women accountable

And to make matters worse, she is a feminist and identifies as one. This woke cult gives her a coven of fellow witches to who she retreats when she needs to charge up and come back with more could behaviour. And boy do they charge her up!


GK Nyambura is a representation of why only fools are trying to commit to Gen Z baby-gurls. Instead, you should do what Omoke did, eat it then yeet it. Smash and pass. Do not try and settle down with either this woman or her sisters because they will introduce hell to your life and at this point, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself because I have taken the time to warn you.

But then again, maybe you’re into average, overweight, entitled, toxic feminists like Nyambura which is why you will continue to suffer until the day you develop some sense between your ears.

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