Gloria Kyallo boyfriend is the first victim of Kyallo Kulture

Image: Betty Kyallo , Mercy Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo

Betty Kyallo’s reality show has already claimed its first victim and that would be Gloria Kyallo’s boyfriend, Ken Warui. The funny thing is, I didn’t even have to watch a single episode to know this to be true. But hold your horses before you call BS on what I just said and I will explain to you why he’s a complete schmuck.

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And I am entirely referring to the manner in which he was treated and spoken to by his woman during the launch of the show on which she plays a supporting cast member. I was appalled to see him being treated like a groupie. I mean, he would open his mouth to respond to a question posed and she would interject to correct him and get him to say the appropriate response.

Gloria Kyallo

It was painful to watch the entire interaction between the two as Gloria Kyallo lorded it over the poor simp who was just happy to have his moment in her sunshine. He was smiling and beaming talking about her and she kept correcting him about the chosen topic and even revealed in a rather nuanced way that he is an option.

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Ok, I lied, she flat out told him that he was was an option if he didn’t fit into her plans and schedule, he was toast. How do you think that makes him feel? Well, I’ll answer that for you, great because he’s a complete and utter simp! Blad doesn’t care because he thinks… No, he believes he is the luckiest man alive. That is why he is already talking about being engaged to her and she is checking him for that on social media.

Gloria Kyallo

I am no betting man but I am willing to put the house on the fact that when the show does start airing, we will increasingly see Ken Warui get emasculated and shut down. And this is going to be something he’ll have to live with. He will have to wake up in future and make peace with the fact that he was on international TV being emasculated.

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And when he’ll be 30 and no longer with Gloria Kyallo (he will not keep her for much longer), he’ll have to make peace with the fact that no one will respect nor sympathize with him. Time will tell whether or not I am going to be proven right but I always bet on myself.

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