Gloria Kyallo is blaming the wrong person for Betty becoming fat

Betty Kyallo’s sister has come through with a tall tale to tell us about just how it was her sister, betty, became as fat as she currently is. According to the Kyallo family, Betty was eager to compete with her former beau and would attempt to eat as much as the guy. He is bigger than her, him being a man, but still, Betty decide to match the guy spoonful-for-spoonful, mouthful-for-mouthful and now she is the same weight as him only that men and women carry weight differently.

At this point I think I should bring a commercial break right along because I need to get my seven chuckles in.

Gloria Kyallo reveals how Betty gained the unwanted weight overnight (Video)

It was a not so pleasant surprise to see Betty Kyallo’s support system refuse to hold her accountable for her decisions and instead make excuses for her that robbed her of an opportunity for ownership over her actions and decisions.

Betty Kyallo
Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

Indeed, it is a strange world we live in where love these days is quantified by how well our friends hide the truth for us.

Why Betty Kyallo’s interview with Churchill was so special to her

You see, whenever Betty Kyallo comes up with a brilliant entrepreneurial idea, we all clap for her and her close friends and family sing from the rooftops about how great she is but when she makes decisions that aren’t beneficial to her well being, they mollify her like a special little child rather than let her face her folly.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo is selling wolf tickets. They don’t exist. Guys, at this point, we have to look at science to understand weight gain. It comes from eating more calories than we burn. Simply put, Betty Kyallo decided not to move her legs fast enough for her to burn off the food she was consuming and that was a decision she alone made out of feeling comfortable with her station in life and the place her relationship was at.

“I wanted to be a Catholic nun but Ivanna might become the one,” Betty Kyallo reveals

Her boyfriend has as much to do with that decision as I do with the insemination of koala bears in Aninri. And for a woman who is as high powered as she, allowing herself to be surrounded by yes-women; people who would rather sell you a convenient lie than tell you the inconvenient yet utilitarian truth, Betty Kyallo is setting herself up for failure.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo looking sexxy in casual look

Then again, what do I know, I am simply a mechanic who enjoys every vice under the sun except insulting his own intelligence.

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