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“God made me wait for 6 years” Wahu opens up about her miracle baby

October 27, 2022 at 13:11
"God made me wait for 6 years" Wahu opens up about her miracle baby

Veteran singer Wahu says she has always wanted to have 3 kids but at some point started to lose hope since she had been trying for baby number 3 as soon as her second born daughter turned 3 years.

Wahu meets newborn daughter

Well speaking during a candid interview with renowned media house, Wahu for the first time hinted she had struggled with conceiving – and despite having been blessed with two lovely girls….she couldn’t understand why a third baby wasnt happening – when she really needed it.

With the years flying fast, Wahu then turned to prayer and according to her – God made her wait for 6 years since her last baby. During this time she kept her hopes alive and kept pushing with prayers….however after hitting 40 years she started losing hope….but little did she know what awaits her.

From when my second born daughter Nyakio was about three years, I wanted another child but God made me wait for six years before He finally remembered me

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He remembered me when i lost hope – Wahu

According to the mother of 3, just a few months before receiving her miracle she’d already started making peace with the fact that maybe she was meant to have 2 daughter….but in 2021, her miracle happened.

I was at a point of letting me just enjoy my 40s and focus on me and start working out and stop the obsession thing with having a kid. It was part of my trying to have closure of not being able to have a third child,


I was not assisted and I did not go for any artificial method, but God answered my prayers. When I got pregnant, I was not looking for a baby since I had reached a place where I was already trying to make peace and accept that I am a mum of two.


Although we have heard that most women avoid having kids when they hit 40 years – Wahu says the messages in her DM prove otherwise. Turns out that her story resulted to a testimony as many women flocked her DM thanking her for giving them hope – now that she proved it’s possible.

Getting a baby after 40 years gave a lot of women hope and some came to my DM and when I meet them, they had hope that it is possible. It is not over until God says it is over. Let them not be anxious despite being hard to wait. I know the joy a baby can give a family, but I would say, ‘Don’t give up.


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